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Verfahren zur Abtragung von Oberflaechenschichten mittels deckschichtenverstaerkter laserinduzierter Schockwellen

Metallic, ceramic, composite material or hard material surface layer removal from base material.
: Maischner, D.; Lenzner, M.; Wissenbach, K.

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DE 1998-19801013 A: 19980114
DE 1998-19801013 A: 19980114
EP 1999-100351 A: 19990114
DE 19801013 A1: 19990722
EP 930126 A1: 19990721
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NOVELTY - A surface layer is removed from a base material by covering it with a laser transparent cover layer and subjecting it to laser pulses of extremely short rise time to induce shock waves for surface layer detachment. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Preferred Features: The pulse rise time is less than 10 (especially less than 5) nanoseconds and the cover layer is a less than 3 mm thick water layer. USE - For removing metal, metal alloy, metal oxide, ceramic, composite material or hard material layers from base materials, especially an optionally oxidized aluminum layer from a chromium base material. ADVANTAGE - The process can be used industrially and universally for removing any type of surface layer without base material damage and is independent of the evaporation temperature of the surface layer material.