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Verfahren zur Abscheidung einer Siliziumnitrid-Polymerschicht auf einem Substrat

Process for the deposition of a silicon nitride polymer layer on a substrate
: Klumpp, A.; Hacker, E.

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DE 1992-4212501 A: 19920414
DE 1992-4212501 A: 19920414
DE 4212501 C1: 19930805
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In a process for the deposition of a silicon nitride layer and/or a silicon nitride polymer layer, good layer quality is obtained by simple handling with an enhanced coverage ratio by the fact that liquid or cyclical silazane is used as the initial substance and is vaporized in a gas chamber, the vaporized silazane is transferred distributed to a reaction chamber via an outflow shower in which the silazane is deposited on a substrate within a high-frequency field.