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Process for welding workpieces
: Beyer, E.; Imhoff, R.; Neuenhahn, J.; Maier, C.

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DE 1994-4434125 A: 19940923
DE 1995-19500512 A: 19950110
EP 1995-925718 A: 19950722
WO 1995-DE965 W: 19950722
DE 19500512 A1: 19960411
EP 782489 B1: 19980318
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Process for welding workpieces (10,11), said process comprising laser radiation causing the evaporation of material, whereby workpieces (10,11) are used having angled surfaces in the seam area (12) and at least one edge, in particular tailored blanks or galvanized sheet metal. In order to improve a process by means of the process steps mentioned above in such as way as to avoid measures for precise seam preparation during the production of workpieces and for their positioning príor to welding without impairing the quality of the weld formation, the process is performed in such a way that a light beam (13, 17) is guided in the process area of the laser beam close to the workpiece and outside the laser beam while the workpieces (10, 11) are being welded, whereby the light beam (13, 17) is guided along the edge (18) of a workpiece (10,11).