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Verfahren zum Verbinden schichtweise aufgebauter Werkstuecke

Process for joining layered workpieces
: Peters, B.M.; Behler, K.; Wolf, N.

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DE 1992-4214559 A1: 19920507
DE 1993-4315673 A: 19930506
DE 4315673 A1: 19931111
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The invention relates to a process for joining layered workpieces in the form of a butt joint perpendicular to its layering by means of high-energy radiation. In order to prevent the heat transfer required for joining from causing the mixture or diffusion of the individual layer components, that the join is fully welded and the mechanical and chemical properties characteristic to each layer are retained, the invention proposes that the abutted surfaces of each of the layers are heated to a separate energy maximum and melted.