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Verfahren zum Umschmelzen von Oberflaechen von Werkstuecken mit Laserstrahlung

Process for the remelting of surfaces of workpieces using laser beams
: Zwick, A.; Wissenbach, K.

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DE 1992-4212035 A: 19920410
DE 1992-4212035 A: 19920410
DE 4212035 C2: 19960814
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a process for the remelting of surfaces of workpieces with laser radiation, in particular of precoated surfaces. The invention is characterized by the fact that processing takes place with a laser beam which impinges on the workpiece surface at an angle of incidence deviating from zero in the processing direction, so that the remelting process takes place in a pricking process. It is of great advantage if the laser radiation is provided with linear polarization (p-polarized) and the absorption degree is adjusted by selecting an inclined angle of incidence corresponding to the Fresnel reflection curves.