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Verfahren zum Strahlschweissen von haertbaren Staehlen mittels Kurzzeitwaermebehandlung

Beam welding hardenable steels using short-time heat treatment - with the width and depth of the heating zone chosen so that hardness in the welding and heat influence zone is less than a specified value.
: Brenner, B.; Gnann, R.A.; Naunapper, D.; Duschek, C.

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DE 1996-19637465 A: 19960913
DE 1996-19637465 A: 19960913
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WO 1997-DE994 A: 19970514
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Short-time heat treatment serves as sole preliminary heating. The heating depth is equal to 0.3-5 times the weld seam thickness. At the end of the preliminary heating stage the maximum temperature lies between 620 K and (T-20)K, where T is the temperature of the preceding tempering process. Beam welding takes place after a cooling time between 0.01 and 30 s. The quenching time is chosen so that the hardness in the welding and heat influence zone is less than 350 HV0.05. The width (bit) and the relative depth (tit/d) , where d is the wall thickness of the component, of the preliminary heating zone are increased until cooling takes place slowly enough to attain the condition specified above. USE - Used in motorcar and machine building industries. ADVANTAGE - Hardenable steels can be welded without cracks and undesirable hardening.