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Verfahren zum Schneiden von Hohlglas

Process for cutting hollow glass
: Doell, W.; Beinert, J.; Roth, M.; Stahn, D.; Schinker, M.G.; Kolloff, R.; Spiess, G.

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DE 1993-4310653 A1: 19930402
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WO 1994-DE367 W: 19940330
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EP 738241 B1: 19980826
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In a process for cutting hollow glass, in particular hollow glass (3) with a round cross-section, an upper voltage zone (36) and a lower voltage zone (37) are applied to the glass thermally basically symmetrically to the intended cutting line at a lower temperature compared with the softening point of the glass on both sides of the foreseen cutting line. As a result of the brief contact of a scoring tip (13) on the glass surface between the voltage zones (36, 37), a starting score is set on a section on the cutting line and is continued along the entire circumference to become a high quality cutting score so that no regrinding of the cutting surface is required. The starting score can also be set by focusing the laser beams (39, 40) in the area between the voltage zones (35, 36). Moreover, a single voltage zone can only be applied with only one laser beam, whereby in this case, the starting score is placed in the middle of the individual voltage zone