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Verfahren zum plasmagestuetzten reaktiven Elektronenstrahlbedampfen

Process for the plasma-assisted reactive electron beam chemical vapour deposition

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DE 1992-4236264 A: 19921027
EP 1993-918891 A: 19930818
WO 1993-DE748 W: 19930818
EP 666934 B1: 19970326
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Process for the plasma-assisted reactive electron beam chemical vapour deposition. Certain non-optical properties, in particular mechanical properties, of the industrial production of layers are not measurable in situ, in particular if high requirements are made of hardness, wear resistance and barrier effect, in order to apply the layers reproducibly. The values of the optical layer properties are to be used as control signals. According to the invention, the reflection and/or transmission and the adsorption capacity are measured in the wavelength = 150 nm to 800 nm directly after the substrate passes through the chemical vapour deposition zone, and the refractive index and the optical absorption cofficient is determined from this. These measured values are compared with the experimentally determined nominal value. A resulting control signal controls the plasma at constant partial reactive gas pressure and keeps the optical properties of the layer constant. The proces s is applied for the chemical vapour deposition of low wear hard layers or barrier layers, e.g. made of metal oxide on glass, plastic and other materials; e.g. in the construction industry for facade glazing, in the packing industry, etc.