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Verfahren zum plasmaaktivierten Hochgeschwindigkeits-Bedampfen grossflaechiger Substrate

Plasma assisted high speed vapour deposition process for large area substrates - with a cathodic high density plasma screen generated close below the horizontally moving substrate and vertical plasma discharges between plasma screen and vaporisation source.

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DE 1996-19612345 A: 19960328
DE 1996-19612345 A: 19960328
DE 19612345 C1: 19970116
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Plasma-assisted high speed vapour deposition process for large area substrates (1), in which the substrate (1) is moved horizontally over a vaporisation source (3) and a horizontal high density plasma screen (11) extending over the full width of the substrate is generated close below the substrate by several horizontal parallel low voltage electron beams, with one or several vertical plasma discharges being ignited between the cathodic plasma screen and the anodic vaporisation source. USE - For thin film coating of plastic foils used as packaging materials. ADVANTAGE - Provides a high rate vapour deposition process giving thin film coatings of high density with good adhesion and barrier properties. The deposition rate is in the order of 100 nm/s. Layers produced with a thickness of greater than 1 mum do not have a radial structure and have high wear resistance. Layers of thickness 20-50 nm have good barrier properties against oxygen and steam.