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Verfahren zum plasmaaktivierten Elektronenstrahlverdampfen und Einrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Plasma-activated electron beam vapour deposition - with arc striking by heated cathode rod fed into vapour cloud.

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DE 1997-19724996 A: 19970613
DE 1997-19724996 A: 19970613
WO 1998- DE1590: 19A
DE 19724996 C1: 19980903
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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In a plasma-activated electron beam evaporation process, the vapour source material or evaporation crucible is connected as anode and at least one end of one or more cathode rods is moved into the high vapour density region of the vapour source material, this cathode portion being heated to a temperature at which an arc discharge is ignited and maintained within the vapour. Also claimed is an apparatus for carrying out the above process, in which one or more moving rod electrodes (9) are located between the source material (6) or crucible (7) and a substrate (1) with their ends extending into the vapour cloud, a current supply (12) being connected by its negative pole to the electrodes (9) and by its positive pole to the source material (6) or the crucible (7). USE - Used in the pure vapour deposition coating of steel strip with e.g. aluminium. ADVANTAGE - The process permits vapour deposition onto large surfaces at high coating rates, and can be carried out simply and reliably under p roduction conditions for long periods.