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Verfahren zum Herstellen von elektrolumineszenten Siliziumstrukturen

Process for the production of electroluminescent silicon structures
: Richter, A.; Steiner, P.; Lang, W.

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DE 1991-4126955 A: 19910814
DE 1991-4126955 A: 19910814
EP 1992-915971 A: 19920720
DE 4126955 C2: 19940505
EP 598755 A: 19940601
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The proposal refers to a process for the production of electroluminescent silicon structures comprising the following process steps: - Immersion of a silicon wafer in an acid bath; - Anodization of the silicon wafer in the acid bath; - Exposure of the silicon wafer on its anodic side at least for part of the time during which it is immersed and anodized in the acid bath; this causes the monocrystalline silicon of the silicon wafer to change into a microporous silicon layer at least in areas; - Production of second contacts (13, 14) via which a voltage can be applied to the microporous silicon layer (10).