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Verfahren zum Erzeugen einer Titanmonophosphidschicht und ihre Verwendung

Titanium mono phosphide layer formation - comprises reacting phosphine with freshly deposited titanium nitride under heating.
: Froeschle, B.; Leutenecker, R.; Ramm, P.

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DE 1996-19649684 A: 19961129
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Manufacturing a titanium monophosphide (TiP) layer on a substrate (12) comprises: (a) depositing a TiN layer from TiCl4 and NH3 supplied to a reactor (14); and (b) heating the TiN, while supplying PH3 into the reactor immediately after TiN deposition, to form a TiP layer on the TiN layer. Preferably, the substrate (12) is a silicon wafer and the two steps are carried out at not more than 450 deg. C and at a basic pressure of 0.5-5 (preferably 2) mPa. USE - A double layer of TiN and TiP is used as a diffusion barrier layer between a semiconductor material and a metallisation (claimed), e.g. between silicon and aluminium. ADVANTAGE - The TiP layer is produced in the same reactor as that used for TiN deposition and is formed from phosphine which acts as a more active getter for chlorine than does NH3 and which also can act as a getter for oxygen, so that the resulting diffusion barrier layer has improved properties.