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Verfahren zum Elektronenstrahlverdampfen

Process and device for electron beam deposition

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DE 1993-4336680 A: 19931027
DE 1993-4336680 A: 19931027
DE 4336680 C2: 19980514
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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In an electron beam vapour deposition process in conjunction with arc discharge, cathode focal points occur, causing the formation of droplets. These droplets have a very negative influence on the quality of the layers. According to the invention, a periodically deflectable, high-energy electron beam moves on the vapour deposition material in order to form a more or less evenly heated area in which a high vaporization rate occurs. In this area, an arc discharge is ignited and its arc forms diffusely and expands over the said area. A high proportion of the vapour is ionized. During the process, no process gas in supplied. The invention is used for coating components, tools and strip steel and can also be used reactively.