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Verfahren zum Codieren eines mit einer niedrigen Abtastrate digitalisierten Audiosignals

Low scanning rate digitised audio signal coding method - coding frequency lines of top region of scale factor bands with scale factor of zero, during which no scale factor is coded for at least top region.

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DE 1996-19613643 A: 19960404
DE 1996-19613643 A: 19960404
EP 1997-906097 AW: 19970219
WO 1997-EP792 A: 19970219
DE 19613643 A1: 19971009
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The method codes each of several, adjacent, frequency lines with same scale factor. Each line of the digitalised audio signal, allocated to a scale factor band, are coded with the same scale factor. The adjacent scale factor bands form a region, within which all scale factors are coded each with the same bit number, determined by the highest scale factor of the region. The frequency lines of at least the top region of the scale factor bands are coded with the scale factor of zero, during which no scale factor is coded for at least the top region. Preferably with respect to ISO-MPEG2 layer 3, the bits saved by unused scale factors for the top region, are used for finer quantising of the frequency lines. USE/ADVANTAGE - For standardised audio coding, with facility for scanning with non-standard rate. Decoding is carried out with existing decoder with minimum of adjustment. Reduced deviation from standard scanning with non-conforming scanning.