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Verfahren zum Bilden von Justiermarken in einer Siliziumschicht

Etching alignment marks in silicon layer - using mixture of mono ethanolamine and di methyl sulphoxide in water.
: Kalus, M.; Bollmann, D.; Klumpp, A.

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DE 1996-19624316 A: 19960618
DE 1996-19624316 A: 19960618
DE 19624316 C2: 19980430
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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In a method of forming alignment marks in a silicon layer using a masking layer, the etchant consists of a mixture of monoethanolamine-dimethyl-sulphoxide and water, preferably 10-75 (especially 50) vol.% of a mixture of 60-80 (especially 70) vol.% monoethanolamine and 20-40 (especially 30) vol.% dimethyl-sulphoxide in water. USE - Especially in the manufacture of multi-level microelectronic components. ADVANTAGE - The etchant is compatible with the requirements of microelectronics, is alkali-free and has high selectivity wrt. SiO2, so that SiO2 can be used as masking material instead of materials such as SiC which are not usually used in CMOS technology.