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Verfahren zum Bearbeiten von Werkstueckoberflaechen mit Laserstrahlung

Process for machining workpiece surfaces using laser beams
: Morgenthal, L.; Beyer, E.; Drenker, A.

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DE 1991-4126351 A: 19910809
DE 1991-4126351 A: 19910809
DE 4126351 A1: 19930211
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Process for the machining of workpiece surfaces using laser beams for transformation hardening, surface alloying, remelting, by which laser radiation formed in the beam cross-section is focused and moved over the machining area of the workpiece, the machining area is monitored optoelectronically by radiation emitted by the tool and process parameters are controlled depending on results. The process exhibiting the process features mentioned above is to be enhanced in such a way that a local-definition measurement can be performed in a large machining area without affecting the flexibility of use of the laser device by a camera or by an optoelectronic sensor, without involving greater technical effort in controlling the process. In addition, the process described above is used for the measurement of the average temperature of the laser beam spot by means of an optical decoupling device arranged in the path of the laser beam to capture the emitted radiation for time-resolution measurement of the machining area.