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Verfahren zum Bearbeiten von Werkstücken mit Laserstrahlung

Process and device for machining workpieces using laser radiation
: Beyer, E.; Abels, P.; Maischner, D.; Drenker, A.

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DE 1991-4106007 A: 19910226
DE 1991-4106007 A: 19910226
DE 4106007 A1: 19920903
EP 573474 B1: 19950830
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Process for the machining of workpieces by means of laser radiation, in which the machining process, in particular the weld-in depth or the degree of through-welding are monitored by detecting optical and/or acoustic signals resulting from a non-blocking, laser-induced plasma or vapour. In order to obtain monitoring results which are as independent as possible from signal fluctuations, the process subjects the signals to a frequency analysis in such a way that the average amplitudes of two different frequency bands of the analyzed frequencies are used together with a predetermined calculation function to determine an evaluation parameter.