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Verfahren zum Aufdampfen von SiO < -x-Schichten

Process for the vapour deposition of SiO < -x coatings
: Schiller, S.; Neumann, M.; Zeissig, G.; Morgner, H.

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DE 1991-4113364 A: 19910424
DE 1991-4113364 A: 19910424
EP 1992-904217 AW: 19920204
DE 4113364 C1: 19920402
EP 581774 B1: 19941102
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The process is intended to permit coating rates of 100 to 1000 nm/s with good layer characteristics using an electron beam line vaporizer. Preferably, colourless transparent SiO<-x layers with a high barrier effect against gases and vapours are to be produced, and the oxygen permeability of polyester films is to be greatly reduced. SiO<-x is used as vapour deposition material. An electron beam directed in a straight line along the base material is deflected in a jump reponse in such a way that a row of vapour deposited dots of high power density occurs. The magnetic field of the magnetic trap between the substrate and the vapour deposition material is set within a range of 50 to 100 G and the total pressure during vapour deposition is 2 to 5 x 10->-2 Pa. One advantage is that the vapour deposition material moves on the vapour deposition material in a longitudinal and/or transversal direction to the beam deflection direction. The SiO<-x layers are used as barrier layers against gas and water vapour, as protective layers to increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance, as interference layers or as electrical insulation layers. They can be deposited on metal or non-metal substrates.