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Application of paint by rotating spray e.g. for vehicle bodies - using spray, rotated relative to atomiser axis or other axis at up to 500 RPM, synchronised with lateral movement across workpiece.
: Svejda, P.; Nolte, H.J.; Paustian, S.; Scheibe, A.

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DE 1996-19608754 A: 19960306
DE 1996-19608754 A: 19960306
DE 19608754 C2: 19981126
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The method has the spray rotated relative to the atomiser axis or other arbitrary axis at a speed of up to 500 rpm. The spray is also moved laterally past the workpiece. The spray is charged up electrically in addition. The atomiser has supply pipes leading to the main body with a nozzle and, for pneumatic atomisation, an additional air cap. The system pipes go through an adapter to the rotating main body. The individual flow channels in the air pipe for pneumatic atomisation are sealed separately. The angular speed of rotation is synchronised with the lateral movement. USE/ADVANTAGE - For applying pneumatically or airlessly dispersed coloured paints on to workpiece. Inexpensive simple design which gives constant thickness of coating. Improves productivity of paint-spraying plant.