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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Kompensation dynamischer Verlagerungen an spanabhebenden Werkzeugmaschinen

Method for compensating vibration effects in metal-cutting machine - employs capacitive sensor to register mutual workpiece-tool displacements during cutting for actuator compensation via mathematical model.
: Ostendarp, H.; Hilbing, R.

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DE 1996-19607941 A: 19960301
DE 1996-19630694 A: 19960730
EP 1997-919248 AW: 19970218
WO 1997-DE303 W: 19970218
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A method for compensating the dynamic effects of vibration between cutting tool and workpiece which characterises metal-cutting operations employs a direct measurement of such disturbances at their point of influence. Figure (1) shows the head (3) of a turning centre in which the workpiece (2) is chucked to the spindle (1) and rotates (n) against the cutting tool (4) in the travelling (Vf) toolpost (5). During a pass along the workpiece (2) the small mutual displacements between its periphery and the tool (4) are registered by a capacitive sensor (7) to yield a mathematical model. The model is then used to control the compensating movements of a piezoelectric or other suitable actuator (6) to minimise the surface roughness of the workpiece. USE/ADVANTAGE - Has marked effect on quality of finish attainable during precision turning/grinding operations.