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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von Metallisierungen auf Halbleiterkoerpern

Metallising semiconductor bodies by vapour deposition - uses vacuum arc evaporator depositing barrier layer on groove and hole surfaces for track couplings in inorganic or organic semiconductor materials.
: Klimes, W.; Wenzel, C.; Urbansky, N.; Siemroth, P.; Schuelke, T.; Schultrich, B.

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DE 1996-19621855 A: 19960531
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The metallising is obtained by vapour deposition in vacuum on grooves for conductive tracks and holes for track couplings in SiO2 or another inorganic or organic semiconductor materials. The process uses a known, pulsed vacuum arc evaporator (14). A barrier layer (2) is deposited on the surface of grooves and holes from the evaporator plasma and/or the grooves and holes are filled with low-ohmic conductive material (3). Yielded by different plasma from the evaporator. Preferably the barrier layer deposition may take place in a low pressure gas, i.e. an inert and/or reactive gas. The vacuum arc evaporator may be driveable with a impulse stream of as much as 500 Amperes. USE/ADVANTAGE - For complex chips of high density, with deposition of droplet-free, dense metal layers on structured substrates.