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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von Lothoeckern

Process and device for the production of solder bumps
: Krabe, D.; Reichl, H.; Wolf, J.

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DE 1994-4411395 A1: 19940331
DE 1995-19511392 A: 19950328
DE 19511392 A1: 19951005
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a process for the production of solder bumps on one or more specified, solderable or non-solderable areas of a surface, in particular electrical contact areas, whereby solder material for the solder bumps to be produced is applied in the direct vicinity of the surface areas to be provided with solder bumps and furthermore, said solder material is melted by means of energy-rich radiation in one or several locally restricted areas, and furthermore the solder material melted in a locally restricted area and contracted to form a solder bead wets a predetermined surface area, whereby a a solder bump is formed and is particularly well suited to the production of a solder joint. The process according to the invention can also be used in the same manner in order to provide non-solderable or poorly solderable layers with a solderable or easily solderable layer to which the solder layer is then applied. In known processes, the application of the solder material and fusio n to form a well-shaped solder bump is performed in separate process steps using different appliances which are mainly difficult to handle. According to the invention, however, the provision of the solder material to form a solder bump and fusion in a single process step, i.e. by fusing the solder material in the laser beam and forming a ...