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Analysis using lasers

: Noll, R.; Sturm, V.; Peter, L.; Whiteside, I.R.C.

British Steel Corp., Research and Development Department:
Forty-ninth Chemists' Conference 1997
Scarborough, 1997
S.22-27 : Ill., Lit.
Chemists' Conference <1997, Scarborough>
Fraunhofer ILT ()
chemical analysis; laser beam; laser emission spectroscopy; laser-induced plasma; laser modulation; spectroscopic method

Chemical analysis of gaseous, liquid and solid materials using laser spectroscopic methods offers new perspectives for on-line process control and quality assurance tasks in different industrial sectors ranging from steel production, the glass industry, scrap and polymer recycling to the metal processing industry. The key issue of the-laser-based methods is the possibility of accessing the product or specimen to he measured over distances from several centimetres up to two metres. Thus, the products can be analysed in their actual chemical and physical state within the production line, as, for example, metal melts or workpieces transported on a conveyer belt.