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Analysis tool for realtime measurements using preceptual criteria

: Herre, J.; Eberlein, E.; Schott, H.; Schmidmer, C.

Cabot, R.; Recklinghausen, D.R. von ; Audio Engineering Society -AES-, New York/N.Y.:
AES Test & Measurement Conference. Proceedings of the 11th International AES Conference 1992
New York: AES, 1992
ISBN: 0-937803-18-9
Audio Engineering Society (International Conference) <11, 1992, Portland/Or.>
Test and Measurement Conference <1992, Portland/Or.>
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
Echtzeitmessung; NMR; noise-to-mask ratio; perceptual measurement; psychoacoustic; Psychoakustik; real-time measurement

New evaluation techniques for quality assessment of audio channels have been developed using perceptual noise criteria. These techniques are not only useful for the analysis of perceptual coding schemes, but can also be applied to almost any audio signal processing. This paper describes a realtime measurement system based on the Noise-to-mask ratio (NMR) algorithm. Several analog and digital applications of the system are presented to demonstrate the performance.