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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Beseitigung von Formabweichungen an metallischen Bauteilen

Method and apparatus for eliminating form deviations in metal workpieces
: Wissenbach, K.; Ollier, B.; Dietz, C.

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DE 1998-19804577 A: 19980205
DE 1998-19804577 A: 19980205
DE 19804577 C2: 20011031
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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NOVELTY - The method consists of the following steps: a) determination of the course of form deviations by measuring one or more form parameters and compar-ing them with one or more target values; b) heating of the workpiece in the region of form deviation by laser radiation to produce thermal stresses; c) renewed determination of the course of form deviations; d) repetition of the steps b) and c) until the target value is reached with a predetermined degree of accuracy. The claimed apparatus includes an array of individually controllable laser diodes, or optical fiber ends connected to such diodes, a control unit for the diode array, a unit for positioning and/or moving the diode array relative to the form deviation, a unit for measuring the form deviation, and an analysis unit for comparing the measured and target values. USE - For elimination of form deviations in metal workpieces. ADVANTAGE - Elimination of form deviations (in particular, local depressions) takes place in a simple manner.