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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Beschichtung von Substraten mittels Gasflusssputtern

Coating large area substrate by gas flow sputtering - using additional charge carrier supply to increase coating rate.
: Jung, T.; Meyer, R.

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DE 1996-19635669 A: 19960903
DE 1996-19635669 A: 19960903
WO 1997-EP4777 W: 19970902
EP 1997-942905 A: 19970902
DE 19635669 C1: 19970724
EP 938595 B1: 20021204
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In a process for coating substrates by gas flow sputtering using a hollow cathode glow discharge in an inert gas stream. additional charge carriers are introduced from outside into the discharge region or are produced within the hollow cathode. Preferably, the additional charge carriers are produced by a further hollow cathode glow discharge and are supplied to the main hollow cathode. Also claimed is a gas flow sputter coating apparatus with a main hollow cathode (2) acting as target and an inert gas flow inlet (4), the novelty being that an additional charge carrier source (3) is provided upstream of or within the main hollow cathode (2). USE - For sputter deposition of pure metal layers or reactive sputter deposition of e.g. oxide or nitride layers. ADVANTAGE - The process allows coating of large surface substrates at high coating rates and with improved energy utilisation, reduced inert gas consumption and reduced pump capacity.