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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Schweissen von Werkstuecken mit Laserstrahlung

Laser welding of workpieces - with at least one workpiece subjected to impacts and preheating at specified distances from welding beam.
: Neff, W.; Imhoff, R.

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DE 1996-19623664 A: 19960613
DE 1996-19623664 A: 19960613
DE 19623664 C1: 19971016
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The process is for the welding of workpieces (1,2) by means of a laser beam (5), with use of measures serving for reduction of the gap width between the workpieces. At least one of the workpieces is subjected to impacts at a predetermined distance in front of the laser beam. The impact are adjusted so that at least one workpieces undergoes elastic and/or plastic deformation in the impact transfer direction. At least one workpiece is preheated at a predetermined distance in front of the impact transfer position. Alternatively at least one workpiece is subjected to impacts in front and behind the laser beam. Also claimed is an apparatus for carrying out the above process. USE - Used e.g. in the manufacture of motor car body structures. ADVANTAGE - Certain preparatory operations on workpieces can be omitted. The need for expensive holding and pressing-down equipment is eliminated. Different workpieces can be dealt without alterations to the apparatus.