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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Herstellen oxidationsempfindlicher Loetverbindunden

Production of oxidation-sensitive soldered joints - with production of chemically active gas radials or ions in such a way that they spread over at least one of the surfaces to be joined.
: Biesenbach, J.; Neff, W.; Pochner, K.; Strang, U.; Loosen, P.

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DE 1996-19634429 A1: 19960826
DE 1996-19654250 A: 19961223
DE 19654250 A1: 19980305
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Producing a joint between metal surfaces such as, for example, workpiece and solder or two workpieces, comprises providing chemically active gas radicals or ions so that before or during the joining process they spread over at least one of the metal surfaces. Also claimed is an apparatus for implementation of the proposed method. USE - In manufacture of high-power semiconductor devices. ADVANTAGE - Faults (uniform heat transfer, poor mechanical performance) in such devices produced by known practices are eliminated.