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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Bestimmen strippbarer Substanzen aus Fluessigkeiten

Process and device for detecting substances which can be stripped out of liquids
: Lutter, W.; Joos, M.; Hirth, F.; Hambitzer, G.

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DE 1991-4133300 A: 19911008
DE 1991-4133300 A: 19911008
DE 4133300 C2: 19960711
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For the continuous quantitative detection of volatile substances in liquids, in particular halogenated hydrocarbons in process water or effluent, the invention proposes a suitable process by which the liquid is passed through a liquid-impermeable but gas-permeable membrane, such that the strippable substances in the liquid penetrate the membrane in their gas phase and are fed through a measuring cell. A device for performing the process is characterized by a flow chamber provided with a liquid-impermeable but gas-permeable membrane for the liquids under test and by a measuring cell arranged on the side of the membrane facing away from the low chamber for the substances under test.