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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Beschichten eines Substrates

Applying layers to substrates - involves using spray jet which is moved along elliptical path.
: Hruschka, R.

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DE 1996-19651716 A: 19961212
DE 1996-19651716 A: 19961212
DE 19651716 C2: 19990909
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The arrangement consists of a drive motor (1) with drive shaft (2). A support (3) is rigidly connected to the drive shaft. The spray equipment (4) used, is mounted on a platform (7) which in turn is mounted on a shaft. The shaft can rotate in the support and is driven by a belt (53) The spray equipment emits a flat spray. The result of the superimposed movements of the spray causes it to remain in the same orientation and will move over an elliptical path when moved to-and-fro. The whole arrangement can be constructed in the form of a programmable robot. USE - Industrial robot especially for spray painting lacquer finishes. ADVANTAGE - Robot provides optimum adaptation of spray jet to geometry of substrate while avoiding reversal points.