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Analysis of the Hollow Cathode Emitted Electron Beams in a Radial Multichannel Pseudospark

: Kiefer, J.; Neff, W.; Lebert, R.; Naweed, A.


IEEE transactions on plasma science 23 (1995), Nr.3, S.353-357 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0093-3813
Fraunhofer ILT ()
electron beam; glass insulator; hollow anode; hollow cathode; pseudospark; waveguide

A radial multichannel pseudopark switch seems advantageous for switching currents exceeding 100 kA.A single common hollow cathode guarantees same tigger conditions for all channels. The electron beams emitted out of the hollow cathode of this switch are analyzed by means of Faraday-cups by varying the circuit as well as the trigger parameters. In addition to the cup measuremnts, the discharge is observed using a CCD camera. It is found that each channel of the Switch must receive a respective beam, before the restistance of the switch turns low, if the discharge current is to run through that channel. In addition, most of the varied parameters do not influence the electron beam.