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Verfahren und Einrichtung zum plasmaaktivierten Bedampfen

Process and device for plasma-activated vapour deposition

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DE 1993-4343042 A: 19931216
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The task exists of maintaining a high stable deposition rate over a long period of time in order to preferably apply reactive coatings made of electrically insulating connections. Reactivity, energetic activation, and the coating composition and structure are controlled and kept constant by influencing the plasma density. According to the invention, the vapour propagated by the evaporator passes through a plasma generated between electrodes and is brought into interaction with the latter. The electrodes consist of evaporating material or a component and/or dopant material of the coating to be applied. The plasma is maintained in the vapour of the evaporating material and/or inert gas. The process is used for refining the surfaces of semi-finished products and finished products, in particular to produce oxide coatings with a barrier effect on plastic films for the packing industry.