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Verfahren und Einrichtung zum Betreiben von Magnetronentladungen

Magnetron discharge operation method e.g. for vacuum coating - involves pole switching of each pulsed electrode, from anode to cathode an equal number of times, for improved energy introduction.
: Goedicke, K.; Winkler, T.; Junghaehnel, M.; Fietzke, F.; Kirchhoff, V.; Reschke, J.

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DE 1997-19702187 A: 19970123
DE 1997-19702187 A: 19970123
EP 1998-907975 A: 19980122
DE 19702187 A1: 19980730
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Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The method involves operation of magnetron discharges for vacuum coating by means of at least two magnetron electrodes with pulsed energy supply, in a noble gas provided; preferably constituents of reactive gases. At least one electrode is connected as a cathode, and at least one as an anode. Direct current pulses are supplied at a frequency of 10-150 kHz, with pole changes taking place in such a way that each electrode on time average, is switched as cathode and anode an equal number of times. Also claimed (below) is an apparatus for implementation of the proposed method. USE - In vacuum coating technology. ADVANTAGE - Improved energy introduction into the discharge process.