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Verfahren und Einrichtung fuer die ionengestuetzte Vakuumbeschichtung

Process and device for ion-assisted vacuum coating

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DE 1994-4412906 A: 19940414
DE 1994-4412906 A: 19940414
DE 4412906 C1: 19950713
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The process and the associated device permits the high-rate coating of large-surface electrically conductive and also electrically isolating substrates with electrically isolating layers and electrically conductive layers with relatively low effort. The substrates are mainly strip-shaped, in particular plastic films with widths over one meter. According to the invention, negative and positive voltage pulses are applied alternately to the electrically conducting substrate or, on an electrically insulating substrate, to a series connected electrode, e.g. the cooling roller, relative to the plasma or to an electrode at approximately plasma potential in a known device for vacuum coating. The shape, voltage and period of the pulses are adapted to the coating task and material. The process is used in particular to apply wear-protective, corrosion, protective and barrier layers. Applications include the packing industry.