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Verfahren und Apparat zur Erzeugung einer 3D-Punktwolke fuer die Topometrie (3D-Videometrie) oder die 3D-Vision fuer Multimedia- Applikationen

Three-dimensional pixel cloud production arrangement.
: Koerner, K.; Nyarsik, L.

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DE 1997-19749974 A: 19971105
DE 1997-19749974 A: 19971105
DE 19749974 C2: 20020606
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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NOVELTY - The arrangement includes a light source, a lighting lens for imaging a rastered structure, such as a pattern or a micro-lens array, at least one recording lens, a body and/or a scene to be processed, and a recording camera. The recording lens is associated on the image side with an array of micro-optic components or a rastered image sensor, which is associated with a second lens in the image space. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is provided for a corresponding, three-dimensional pixel cloud production method. USE - For topometry, three-dimensional vision for multimedia application, or measuring of object and scene in object space, especially for reverse engineering or for production of three-dimensional film effects. ADVANTAGE - Enables improved measuring accuracy and depth, and enables three-dimensional reproduction of corresponding data.