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Verfahren und Anordnung zur Messung der Mikrogestalt technischer Oberflaechen

Measuring micro-shape of technical surfaces areas - using principle of interference microscopy
: Koerner, K.; Fritz, H.

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DD 1988-312815 A: 19880210
DE 1989-3902591 A: 19890128
DE 3902591 A1: 19890824
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a process and an arrangement for the measurement of the microstructure of industrial surfaces according to the principle of the interference microscope. According to the invention, the virtual mirror planes existing in the object and reference beam chamber are projected by a different offset in optical conjugation; the location of the beam splitting and recombination are spatially separated and a correction is performed in such a way that the object and reference ray bundles propagate in a common beam chamber in parallel to each other. This makes it possible to eliminate any undesired circular interference structures which may occur during the interferometric measurement and makes a body reference surface superfluous.


DE 3902591 A UPAB: 19930923 A light pencil beam from a monochromatic light source (1) is collimated ). by objective (3), split into an object beam and a reference beam by the half silvered surface (4). The objec tbeam travels through plate (6) and objective (7), focused onto surface (8), reflected and collimated by objective (7), through plate (6) again, through the half slivered surface (4), through plate (5) and a second half silvered surface (9). The reference beam travels through the half silvered surface (4), through plate (5) and reflected by triple reflector (10), through two wedge shapes (11) and combines with the object beam into two interference beams on the half silvered surface (9). One arrives at image receiver (B'B'') and the other can be observed through objective (14) by an ocular. USE/ADVANTAGE - Reducing roughness of surfaces in angstrom scale. Undesirable circular interference structures are eliminated and physical reference surface is made redundant. 1,2/3