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Verfahren sowie Vorrichtung zur schonenden Modifizierung funktioneller Eigenschaften eines Proteinpraeparates

Process and apparatus for modifying the properties of a protein preparation - by exposure to heat generated by a high frequency electromagnetic field achieving a defined range of uniform, targetted and defined characteristics.
: Luck, T.; Pfeiffer, T.; Waesche, A.

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In a process and assembly to modify the functional properties of a protein preparation, especially protein material or concentrate from seeds, the protein preparation is heated. The novelty is that: (a) the protein preparation is uniformly heated by exposure to a high frequency electromagnetic field; (b) the protein preparation is a paste, a paste fluid, in a poly-dispersive aqueous solution, in swollen or precipitated form with up to 55% dry matter content and a pH of between 4 and 8; (c) the electromagnetic field is in the range 10-40 MHz; (d) the warming process modifies protein viscosity, hydrophilic properties, oil miscibility and binding, and dispersion characteristics. USE - Process and apparatus are used to modify protein for the manufacture of fresh or dried products incorporated as an ingredient or additive to food containing protein, e.g. soybean extract. ADVANTAGE - The process facilitates modification of the protein to achieve uniform, targeted and defined characteristics.