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Verdrahtungsverfahren fuer Halbleiter-Bauelemente zur Verhinderung von Produktpiraterie und Produktmanipulation, durch das Verfahren hergestelltes Halbleiter-Bauelement und Verwendung des Halbleiter-Bauelements in einer Chipkarte

Semiconductor device is produced with increased circuit complexity.
: Ramm, P.; Buchner, R.

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NOVELTY - A semiconductor device is produced by joining a device substrate to a second substrate before producing conductive structural elements on the device substrate free surface. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Production of a semiconductor device with one or more conductive structural elements comprises (a) applying and structuring device layers (3-5) on a first substrate (1); (b) joining the first substrate surface to a second substrate (6); (c) producing the or each conductive structural element (12, 13) on the free surface of the first substrate while providing functional electrical contact between the structural element (13) and the device (3-5); and (d) fabricating the semiconductor device. INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for semiconductor devices produced by the above process. USE - The semiconductor device is used in a chip card (claimed), especially as a metallized semiconductor circuit structure produced by CMOS-compatible standard semiconductor technology. ADVANTAGE - The pr ocess permits the circuit complexity to be increased for increasing the difficulty of reverse engineering for unauthorized read-out and/or manipulation of information stored in the device, without reducing the integration density or excessively increasing process costs. Additionally, the process allows protection of the device against the environment.