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Vaporiser for semi-conductor production - in which the dosing valve is designed as an integral part of the vaporiser in order to achieve a short cycle time.
: Hacker, E.; Klumpp, A.

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DE 1996-19603127 A: 19960129
DE 1996-19603127 A: 19960129
DE 19603127 C1: 19970410
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Vaporiser consisting of a tube (10), surrounded by a heater (14), which seats a vaporiser body (16) in the form of a pot whose base faces a valve body (26), and its associated closure element (34) which is located in a central recess in the base. The valve body is attached in a sealed, but flexible, manner to a flange (12) of tube (10) and has a central bore which is supplied with fluid through a tube (32). USE - Liquid vaporiser for semi-conductor manufacture ADVANTAGE - Accurate dosing is possible in a short process cycle.