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Verbundmaterial mit Laserlicht prüfen.

Testing of compounds by laser light
: Noll, R.; Krauhausen, M.

Materialprüfung 35 (1993), Nr.10, S.316-319 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0025-5300
Fraunhofer ILT ()
Amplitude; Bauteilprüfung; Laserlicht-Interferenz; Produktionssteuerung; Prüfsystem; Specklemuster; Streuanteil; Verbundmaterial

The contribution describes a new nondestructive laser technique which visualizes defects of quality relevance in compound materials. Usually these defects are observed by testing personal and evaluated subjectively. The laser method detects insufficient glueing delaminations and pores in the assembly line by analysing laser interference speckles. Applications to instrument panel components for cars and tire valves are reported. A new resolution parameter is defined and its limitations are discussed. A computer controlled testing equipment based on this laser method provides automatic evaluation of the results, documentation and signals for process control.