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Verbundkoerper aus vakuumbeschichtetem Sinterwerkstoff und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

Stable aluminium oxide coating on sintered body - is formed from fully crystalline aluminium oxide at 800 deg. C on intermediate layer contg. oxide(s), nitride(s) etc. of titanium, zirconium etc..

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DE 1995-19518779 A: 19950522
DE 1995-19518779 A: 19950522
EP 1996-106599 A: 19960426
DE 19518779 C1: 19960718
EP 744472 B1: 19980311
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The surface of a sintered body (1) is coated with a fully crystalline A1203 at max. 800deg.C. The coating is made up of alpha-A1203 and opt. gamma-A1203 with a (440) texture and, with the exception of argon, contains no noticeable impurities. USE - In cutting tool, esp. cutting discs. ADVANTAGE - The coating is thermally, mechanically and chemically stable and is smooth and free from cracks. The production process is environmentally friendly and economic.