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Variable date-rate recording on a PC using MPEG-Audio Layer III

: Zimmer, G.; Thimet, A.; Dietz, M.; Brandenburg, K.

Audio Engineering Society -AES-, New York/N.Y.:
Audio Engineering Society. 95th convention
New York, NY: AES, 1993
Audio Engineering Society (Convention) <95, 1993, New York>
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
audio coding; gehörangepaßte Codierung; Layer-3; low bitrate coding; MPEG-Standard; perceptual coding; stereo coding; Stereocodierung; Toncodierung

Layer III of the MPEG-Audio coding standard supports variable data-rate recording. This can be used to further reduce the storage requirements of high-qualtiy digital audio signals. A compression factor of more than 12:1 can be reached for high quality audio signals at a bandwidth of 20 kHz. A new version of the encoder has been implemented which supports the variable-rate feature. A PC-based system using one internal board to encode and decode two channels of audio data using Layer III cariale rate coding is presented.