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Validation procedures for reliable quantitative defect detection based on modeling of NDT

: Walte, F.; Kröning, M.; Spies, M.; Klaholz, S.

European Commission, Joint Research Centre -JRC-, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies -IPTS-, Sevilla; Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt -MPA-, Stuttgart:
Assuring structural integrity of steel reactor pressure boundary components. SMIRT. Vortrag 13. Post conference seminar No.2
Iguazu, 1995
International Conference on Assuring Structural Integrity of Steel Reactor Pressure Boundary Components <13, 1995>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
defect detection; EFIT; elastodynamic finite integration technique; Fehlerprüfung; generalisierte Punktquellensynthese; GPSS; reactor pressure vessel; Reaktor; Ultraschallprüfung; ultrasonic testing

Numerical modeling of ultrasonic inspections provides an important element of quantitative NDT by supporting the inspection design and evaluation of inspection data and gives better input data to fracture mechnical analysis. The present paper outlines a future concept to improve the ultrasonic inspection - mainly the design, detection, sizing and validation - for nuclear powerplant components including welds with isotropic and anisotropic structure. The modleing concept is based on the Elastic Finite Integration Technique (EFIT), The Generalized Point Source Synthesis (GPSS) methode and a combination of both codes applicable to components having greater wall thickness.