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Metal body with alpha-alumina coating for e.g. shaping tool - comprises crystalline coating formed by reactive magnetron sputter deposition, having internal compressive stress and only argon as impurity.

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DE 1995-19518781 A: 19950522
DE 1995-19518781 A: 19950522
EP 1996-106600 A: 19960426
DE 19518781 C1: 19960905
EP 744473 B1: 19980325
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A vacuum coated composite body consists of an Al2O3-coated metal (alloy) support. The novelty is that the Al2O3 layer: (a) is a completely crystalline Al2O3 layer (7) applied at max. 700 deg.C to the support (1); (b) consists of alpha phase, and opt. gamma phase with a (440) texture; (c) has a internal compressive stress of at least 1 GPa, and a hardness of at least 20 GPa; and (d) contains no discernable impurities apart from Ar. Also claimed is a method of producing the above composite body, in which the Al2O3 (outer) layer is applied by reactive magnetron sputtering. USE - Used as e.g. a machining or shaping tool (e.g. a circular saw blade), machining part or guide track. ADVANTAGE - The composite body has a thermally, mechanically and chemically stable Al2O3 with a smooth crack-free surface. The process is non-polluting, highly stable and inexpensive, and allows use of steel as the support.