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Verfahren und Beschichtungsmasse zur Herstellung von UV- oder UV/IR oder IR/UV-gehaerteten Beschichtungen

Process and coating compound for the production of UV or UV/IR or IR/UV-cured coatings
: Greiwe, K.; Arpac, E.; Glaubitt, W.; Amberg-Schwab, S.

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DE 1991-4122743 A: 19910710
DE 1991-4122743 A: 19910710
EP 1992-110020 A: 19920613
DE 4122743 C1: 19921126
EP 524417 A: 19930127
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The invention relates to a process and means of manufacturing UV and/or thermally curable coatings. A coating compound comprising a mixture of component A, representing a solution of a complexed metal-organic Ti or Zr compound with polymerizable ligands, of a component B, representing a hydrolyzate of a radical polymerizable alcoxyl silane of the general formula formula 1, of 0.1 to 5% per volume of a component C, representing an initiator for polymerization, and possibly of usual additives, is applied to the substrate. The compound is allowed to dry and is cured by the influence of UV radiation and/or heat.