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Using VRML 97 Animation Capabilities for Interactive 3D Visualization of Discrete Simulation Data

: Luckas, V.; Dörner, R.; Schäfer, A.; Müller, W.

Klimenko, S.V.; Thalmann, N.M.; Thalmann, D.:
Anigraph '98. Proceedings : 6th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Animation, May 20-23, Moscow
Moskau, 1998
ISBN: 5-88835-005-2
Anigraph <1998, Moskau>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D animation; Simulation Result visualisation; VRML

In this paper we show how the Virtual Reality Modeling Language VRML (ISO/IEC standard 14772) can be used for 3D visualization of discrete simulation data. This is accomplished by using certain capabilities of VRML 97: constructs for 3D animation, the Java external authoring interface and the PROTO mechanism. A VRML output generator has been integrated in an existing visualization tool, CASUS Anim and a VRML browser CASUS Presenter with specai VR features like head-tracking has been implemented. This enables interactive 3D visualization of simulation data with animation and interactive walk-throughs as well as a presentation using VR methodologies. However, since CASIS Presenter is based on VRML and fully implemented in Java, it can be used as a flexible VRML browser in various application scenarios.