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Analyse von Wellen- und Bruchphänomenen in opaken Werkstoffen

Analysis of wave and fracture phenomena in opaque materials
: Senf, H.; Winkler, S.

Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, Frühjahrstagung
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (Frühjahrstagung) <1990, München>
Fraunhofer EMI ()
alumina; Bruchmechanik; crack velocity; damage phenomena; dynamic material response; dynamisches Materialversagen; fracture mechanic; high-speed photography; impact loading; Keramik; Kurzzeitfotographie; Rißgeschwindigkeit; Stoßbelastung; Zerstörungsphänomen

Impact experiments against glass and alumina are performed to study wave and fracture behaviour under dynamical loading. The loading was achieved by edge-on impacting of tile-shaped samples by steel projectiles at a speed ranging between 100 m/s and 1500 m/s. One of the large surface was observed by a photographic high-speed technique. The glass tiles are photographed in transmission and the opaque alumina tiles in reflection. Alumina behaves quite different than glass. Glass showed a terminal crack velocity of about 1500 m/s. No distinct terminal crack velocity could be found with alumina. Although for certain loading conditions the crack velocity seems to be terminated, different terminal crack velocities are measured for different impact situations.