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Ungiftige Gasgeneratoransätze für Crashbag-Anwendungen - Von der Technischen Lösung zur Markteinführung

Non Polisonous Crash Bag Gas Generators - from technical Issue to Market Introduction

Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie -ICT-, Pfinztal:
Airbag 2000. 2nd International Symposium on Sophisticated Car Occupant Safety Systems : November 29/30, Karlsruhe
Pfinztal: ICT, 1994
International Symposium on Sophisticated Car Occupant Safety Systems <2, 1994, Karlsruhe>
Fraunhofer ICT ()
airbag; Alternativsystem; anorganisch; Crashbag; Gasgeneratorsätze; MGO51; MGO80; Natriumazid; organisch; Sicherheit; ungiftig

The term "crash bag" respectively "airbag" as synonym for "safety" is well-known. The usefulness of these systems is high, because the risk of being hurt is decisively lowered. Introduced crash bag systems are practice-proven and operate strongly reliable. NaN3 based gas generents are problematic as for the toxicity of the starting material and the formed particles. Hybrid gas generants produce similar problems if based on nitramines or perchlorates. Therefore the investigation, development, production, and market introduction of nonpoisonous gas generant formultations are desirable. The methodology, requirements list, additionally theoretical and experimental setup for research and development of alternative gas generant formulations are described. The results thereof are presented: the state of the art in examples of an inorganic and organic formulation. Production of carbon monoxide can be avoided by this novel crash bag gas generant formulation. The technical solution of a problem is indeed necessary, but not sufficient for market introduction. Further decisive marginal conditions have to be considered and are finally discussed in their context.