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Rotating shelf storage system
: Tielker, U.; Grafe, W.

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DE 1990-4033184 A: 19901019
DE 1990-4033184 A: 19901019
DE 4033184 C2: 19950720
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The invention relates to a rotating shelf storage system to store and/or transport storage units comprising a storage shelf, a vertical lift arranged on said shelf and a rotating pulling and carrying device (6) to which containers (3) are arranged. The invention is characterized by carrying elements (6) arranged on carrying arms (7) which have guiding elements (8) at their ends facing the carrying elements (6), thus assuring a permanently vertical protrusion of the carrying arms (7) from the revolving plane of the carrying elements (6). The containers (3), which are positioned during the pick/place operation in front of a facing-side opening of the storage shelf, are arranged so that no movement of said shelf can take place about its longitudinal axes.