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Ultrastructural observation in hamster and rat lungs after chronic inhalation of cadmium compounds

: Glaser, U.; Heinrich, U.; Kreft, A.; Lüthe, N.; Paulini, I.; Thiedemann, K.-U.

Experimental Pathology 37 (1989), Nr.1-4, S.264-268
ISSN: 0232-1513
International Symposium on Inhalation Toxicology <1989, Hannover>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
Bronchiolo-alveolar hyperplasia; cadmium compound; Hyperplastic foci; Inhalation; preneoplastic epithelial alteration

Long-term inhalation of CdCl2 at concentrations as low as 12.6 myg Cd/cbm causes development of lung tumors in rats (4). No information, however, was available on the chronic carcinogenicity of CdO, CdS and CdSO4 which are especially relevant to the occupational area. In the present joint study of the Fh-ITA and the FhH-IUCT, rats and hamsters were exposed to CdCl2, CdSO4, CdO and CdS in a chronic inhalation carcinogenicity set-up (2.3). The goal of the ultrastructural investigation was to compare inflammatory reactions and fibrotic lesions, as well as epithelial alterations occurring in the species under study. The present communication focusses especially on observations obtained from male and female hamsters and rats chronically exposed to CdO. In addition, we report preliminary results from a short-term inhalation study with CdO.